DC Power System Development: 31 Site Build Out

DC Power System Development: 31 Site Build Out

Our power system integration team recently completed a large project for a utility’s mobile radio trunking network comprising 31 remote repeater sites.

Newmar 31 DC Power System Build Out

The power systems required seven variations in configuration and contained: redundant 24 volt rectifiers, power distribution, AC inverter, remote monitoring, low voltage disconnect, battery disconnect, batteries, assembled in a 19” relay rack.

Completion of the project involved several phases:

Phase 1) Define System Parameters Per Site: Provide power calculations and diagrams for preliminary approval by analyzing loads and duty cycle, run time on battery, recharge time, and remote monitoring parameters.

Phase 2) Engineer Development of Prototypes: Define component stack up in rack, generate wiring diagrams, and select battery types and capacity.

Phase 3) Prototype Production: Assemble three rack configurations for beta test, develop factory simulated application tests, and deliver to integration facility.

Phase 4) Confirm Operation of Beta Sites: Radio integration facility visits to confirm operation. On-site training and acceptance testing. Obtain Approvals at all levels – integrator/end user to proceed with full production.

As you can see this is a significant process, and we’ll be glad to do it for you on your next network build out; send us your specs, and we’ll submit a DC Power System proposal.

Here are 10 simple questions that gets the process started