Quick Connects & Rear Rack Covers

Quick Connect Wiring Kits

  • Designed specifically for use with NEWMAR PM Series Power Modules and Power Function Manager in stacked rack configuration.
  • Allow for quick installation and removal of rectifiers
  • Wiring harness is fitted with “Anderson” quick-connect and ring lug terminals; all wires tie-wrapped into proper position for quick and easy installation.
  • Simplifies parallel wiring multiple modules
  • Facilitates “hot” change-out of modules without system shutdown


Models Description AWG Weight
QCK-3 for up to 3 Power Modules, 70A rating 6 3 Lbs.
QCK-3A* for up to 3 Power Modules, 80A rating 4 3 Lbs.
QCK-6 for up to 6 Power Modules, 70A rating 6 4 Lbs.
QCK-6A* for up to 6 Power Modules, 80A rating 4 4 Lbs.
CCK-4 for up to 4 Power Modules (2200 Watt) 6 6 Lbs.
* PM-12-80 – only use QCK-3A or QCK-6A

 Rear Rack Covers

  • Clear plastic panels attach to rear of racks to protect service personnel by preventing accidental contact with “live” terminals, etc., from top, sides and rear.
  • Holes in rear panels allow for flow-through ventilation of fan-cooled components
  • May be installed at 14″ or 17″ rear depth
  • Multiple covers may be stacked to accommodate system height
  • All mounting hardware included
Model Rack Height (1RU = 1.75”) Rack Width Weight (Lbs.)
RRC-3-19 3 RU 19” 4
RRC-7-19 7 RU 19” 5
RRC-3-23 3 RU 23” 5
RRC-7-23 7 RU 23” 6