Modular DC Converter System

Convert 48 to 24 or 24 to 48 volts with this compact, high power density (1RU) DC converter system. Wide range input maintains well regulated (isolated) output even when source voltage goes low. Multiple power bays accept 1500 watt converter modules allowing system scalability, load sharing and N+1 redundancy for high reliability. Built-in remote monitoring by Form C alarm contacts alerts operators to major and minor fault conditions


    • High power density 1RU shelf, saves valuable rack space
    • Scalable to 7500 watts output by insertion of multiple 1500 watt DC converter modules, up to 5 per shelf
    • N+1 redundancy back-up, converters always on-line in event of failure, providing seamless back up power
    • Wide input range accepts variation of input voltage while producing steady output essential for proper equipment operation
    • Wide temperature range -40 to 75˚ C assures performance in remote sites and outdoor cabinets
    • High efficiency: 95% conserves energy and minimizes heat generation, reducing ambient cooling requirements
    • Remote monitoring provides major and minor failure conditions notifications
    • Diagnostic LEDs on each converter provides on-site trouble shooting diagnostics


Rack Mount Modular DC-DC Converter, 24V DC to 48V DC, 48V DC to 24V DC, 1500 Watts output module for Telecom, Broadband, Wireless, Public Safety and Industrial Applications by Newmar Powering the Network1500 Watt Converter Module
48V to 24V
24V to 48V




Shelf Input Voltage Output Voltage Amperage Size Weight
DRS-248-7500 21.5 - 58.0V DC 24 or 48V DC 290 @ 24V; 145 @ 48V 19", 1 RU 10.6 Lbs.


DC Converter Module Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Amps Cont. Watts
24-48-DHS 21.5 - 29.0V 54.4 VDC 27A 1500
48-24-DHS 43.0 - 58.0V 27.0 VDC 55A 1500

General Specifications

Ground Reference: Positive/Negative/Floating
Efficiency: 95%
Connections: Dual stud for two hole lugs
Alarm Module: 2 Form C relays, single pole, double throw, 0.5 amps at 60V DC
Operating Temperature: -40° to 75° C
Protection: Internal fuse
Safety: UL 60950, Nebs GR-1089
Shelf Dimensions: 19" W x 1.72" H x 15" D