DC Power Plants

NEWMAR manufactures a broad range of high quality power products for communication applications and has earned a reputation for producing high reliability DC components and systems for powering the wireless network.

Our engineering team offers comprehensive system integration services, including consultation, configuration, manufacturing, assembly, test, and delivery of fully integrated and functional power plants. We provide rapid delivery of complete systems, precisely tailored to meet your site requirements. See below for basic menu of components offered in configuring your system.

Project Consultation

The process begins with a comprehensive analysis of your project’s power requirements, offering comprehensive solutions based on all relevant factors, including:

  • Load requirements and tolerances
  • Site AC power considerations
  • Co-location compatibility
  • Fault tolerance/redundancy
  • Hot swap and hot standby configuration
  • Back-up battery run time calculation
  • Power distribution requirements
  • Remote monitoring and alarming

Engineering and Design

A comprehensive project proposal with a detailed diagram of the proposed custom power system is submitted to you for approval.

Rack Assembly

All necessary components are installed and wired in racks or cabinets according to the particular site requirements. These components are typically manufactured and stocked by NEWMAR, thus assuring high reliability and short lead times for system delivery.


Each rack component undergoes rigorous “burn-in” testing individually, then the assembled rack system is again fully tested under simulated site load and function conditions to ensure maximum reliability.


Custom user manuals are provided with each system, consisting of detailed operation and troubleshooting instructions for each system component, complete schematic diagrams, and a wiring interconnect illustration of the system as a whole.


Each rack system is rigidly secured to a custom-built shipping skid and trucked directly to your installation site.

After Sale Support

A duplicate system file, including detailed photos of the assembled power plant, is maintained at the factory in order to provide ongoing technical support of the system, as needed.

Newmar Powering the Network Rack Mount DC Power Plant

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Power Systems by NEWMAR are currently in service at numerous telecom and other communication sites serving public safety, microwave, cellular, transportation links and remote repeaters. System and project references are available upon request.

Configure a Rack Power System in 10 Simple Steps

These 10 simple steps will enable you to configure your network or communication site Rack Power System (RPS) by defining your system parameters and distributor preference.

  1. Rack width? 19″ or 23″
  2. Input voltage? 115 or 230 VAC
  3. Output voltage? 12, 24, or 48 VDC, or 115/230 VAC
  4. Load/output in amps or watts?
  5. Redundant rectifiers? Yes or no
  6. Number of output loads routed through distribution panel?
  7. Battery back-up? If yes, for how long?
  8. Remote monitoring?
  9. Site location?
  10. What distributor do you prefer?

Upon receipt of your response to these questions, we will contact you and your distributor of choice; if you do not have a preferred distributor, we will help you select one. We will create a proposed system layout and your distributor will prepare a quote for a fully integrated power system potentially including: power supplies, DC-DC converters, DC-AC Inverters, circuit breaker or fuse distribution, remote power monitoring, batteries and rack equipment shelving, all fully assembled in a relay rack, wired, tested, and palletized for delivery directly to your site and ready for installation.

For more information on the Rackmount Power Systems, contact Scott Benezra by e-mail scott.benezra@newmarpower.com or by calling 800-854-3906.