Centurion III DC Power System

Ensure your site has power when it needs it most with the Centurion III Series of DC power systems, the next generation of robust power plants. The Centurion III Series delivers top of the line power and reliable performance when it comes to functionality, scale, and management. Tailored to fit your needs, the system can provide up to three distinct voltages, -48 VDC, as the default, with+12 VDC and +24 VDC as options. The advanced controller provides a completely remote management tool that delivers real-time data at your fingertips. This system offers hot-swappable modules for quick and easy deployment, minimizing installation time and maximizing uptime with a one-year warranty.


  • Incredible functionality, scalability, and web monitoring in a 2 RU, 2.0–4.0 kW, -48 V DC power system
  • 19”, 2U rackmount shelf with integrated power distribution
  • 90–250 VAC input, power factor corrected
  • Two power bays accept 2000 Watt modular rectifiers
  • Two power bays accept DC-DC modules -48 VDC to +12 VDC
    and/or -48 VDC to +24 VDC
  • 83.4 Amp, 4000Watt total max. output capacity, (41.7 Amp, 2000 Watt, N+1) @ -48 VDC
  • Output temperature compensated for precise battery charging
  • 12 DC circuit breaker distribution capacity with tripped breaker alarm (2 circuit breakers for DC-DC converters)
  • Master disconnect breakers for two battery strings with tripped breaker alarm
  • EM4x Controller with comprehensive controls (local and web UI), data collection, and alarm monitoring/logging via v2 and v3 SNMP
  • Hot swappable power bays
  • General purpose digital inputs & relays for user configured external alarms
  • Low voltage disconnect built in
  • Easily configures to meet site power requirements

Electrical Rectifier Specifications




Input Amps @ Full Load 112/230 V

@ <190 VAC = 12A

Output Voltage

-54.4 VDC, adjustable 48-58 VDC

12 VDC, adjustable 10.5-15 VDC

24 VDC, adjustable 21-30 VDC

Output Amps Cont.

41.7 A*








3.5 lb

3.5 lb

3.5 lb

Electrical Shelf Specifications


Input Voltage Range

90–300 V (derate @

120 input), 45-65 Hz


2 Rectifiers (-48 V), Controller

2 DC-DC Converters (+12 VDC and/or +24 VDC), 12 DC Circuit Breaker Distribution

2 x 63A Battery Breakers


19/23”, 2 RU


19.84 lb

Power Factor



>94% (from 30-95% output power)

Ambient Temperature (nominal)

25±5°C, 5-95% RH (noncondensing)


-20–70°C (derate above +45°C)


<8,202 ft, de-rate maximum ambient temperature

by 4°C per 3,280 ft above sea level

Wiring Option

Battery cable, 2 AWG, 7’ Length (P/N: 435-2007-0)

Complete system design and assembly to your application parameters: module configuration, circuit breaker installation,
and programming of alarms and monitors. Installation in a relay rack with batteries and wiring also available.