Battery Module for Battery Back-up for 48V DC telecom, public safety, and industrial applications by Newmar Powering the Network

BM Series Battery Module

Installing system back-up batteries or increasing current capacity has never been easier. The BM Series Battery Module, provides the complete solution in one low profile 2RU (3.75″) chassis. No need for sourcing and installing battery trays, interconnect cable, terminals, lugs, battery breaker, etc. The BM provides it all in one package – sealed, maintenance – free batteries included – with easy input output plug-in connectors on the chassis rear. Multiple modules may be paralleled for increased capacity.

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Battery Strings for Telecom, Public Safety and Industrial Applications. Rackmount, 12V DC, 24V DC adn 48V DC by Newmar Powering the Network

Battery Strings

Communication and wireless network power systems typically require back-up power capacity at 8-10 hour rates or more. It’s important that reserve battery systems in stand-by applications are sized properly and utilize high quality cells resulting in a long design life. Many factors must be considered when specifying and selecting the proper batteries for these applications, including peak and average loads, current, run time, ambient temperature, battery chemistry type, energy density, and desired re-charge interval.

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DIN-Rail Mount Batteries


DIN-Rail Mount Batteries

Output: 12, 24, or 48V DC; 1.2 – 12.0 Amp-Hours

These DIN Rail mount cases provide a quick and convenient method to integrate batteries into a DC UPS system resulting in a professional integration.

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