DC Power Enclosures – PE Series

PE Series Power Enclosures, 12V DC, 24V DC, 48V DC, NFPA 1221 Compliant, UL Listed Battery Back-up For Public Safety DAS by Newmar Powering the Network

UL Certified Public Safety/BDA In-building Coverage

An integral part of an in-building solution for emergency response radio coverage is the backup power system. NFPA codes relating to the autonomous operation and monitoring of the BDA power is quite stringent. These back up power enclosures were engineered to meet every aspect of NFPA 1221 and provide integrators configuration flexibility and rapid delivery directly to site, batteries included.


• Certified to UL 924 (models with UL suffix)
• NFPA Compliant with all required monitoring alarms
• Batteries included – choose capacity to match system requirements
• NEMA-4 Enclosure
• Prewired internal & external, with waterproof feed thru’ s for easy on-site connections:
• Customization to meet local AHJ ‘s requirements

UL Certification Logo and NFPA Member Logo for PE Series Power Enclosures by Newmar Powering the Network


Input: 115 /230 VAC (factory wired for 120V AC)
Outputs: Available in 12, 24, 48 VDC and 100 VAC, with 120, 240 and 480 Watt DC UPS
Protections: Battery breaker, AC input breaker, NEMA 4x enclosure
NFPA Compliant Alarms (Form C, Dry Contact)
• AC fail
• Battery discharged to 30% of capacity
• Charger fail
Batteries Included: maintenance free, valve regulated, sealed lead acid, 18, 55, and 100 AH capacity
External wiring:
• AC Input: 16 AWG, UL 3 conductor, SJT jacket , 12’, with molded plug
Enclosure Size Including Mounting Flanges (H x W x D):
Enclosure A: 30″ x 23″ x 10.5″
Enclosure B: 25″ x 24″ x 24″
Enclosure A: NEMA-4, UL listed, welded aluminum with IP 65 battery vent and locking door, 4 each 1/2” knock-outs for cable entry on sides and bottom (16 total), IP-68 cable entries. Red powder coat wall mount.
Enclosure B:
NEMA-4, welded aluminum with IP 65 vent, pad lockable door handle, 8 each 1/2” knock-outs for cable entry (4 ea. on bottom left and right), IP-68 cable entries. Red powder coat wall mount.

BDA/DAS DIN Rail DC UPS Available

A BDA/DAS version with NFPA compliant alarm signals and battery back-up is available

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Power Enclosure Series Specifications for NFPA 1221 Standards

Model DC Voltage DC UPS Power Watts Battery A/H Capacity** Enclosure Case Size System Weight (Lbs.) Shipping Weight (Lbs.)
PE-12V-120W-18AH-UL 12V DC 18 18 A 49 89
PE-12V-120W-55AH-UL 12V DC 55 55 A 75 115
PE-12V-120W-100AH-UL 12V DC 60 100 A 111 151
PE-24V-240W-18AH-UL 24V DC 36 18 A 63 103
PE-24V-240W-55AH-UL 24V DC 110 55 A 114 154
PE-24V-240W-100AH-UL 24V DC 120 100 A 186 226
PE-48V-480W-18AH-UL 48V DC 72 18 A 90 130
PE-48V-480W-55AH-UL 48V DC 200 55 A 190 230
PE-48V-480W-100AH 48V DC 480 100 B 371 411
PE-110V-100W-100AH/24V 110V AC 96 100 A 191 231

**See below for battery specifications
UL: Models ETL Listed to UL Standard 924

PE Series Battery Run Time Specifications for NFPA 1221 Standards

Model Amp-Hours Max Continuous Load 12 Hour Rating** Max Continuous Load 24 Hour Rating**
PE-12V-120W-18AH-UL* 18 1.5A/18W .75A/9W
PE-12V-120W-55AH-UL 55 4.6A/55W 2.33A/28W
PE-12V-120W-100AH-UL 100 5A/60W 4.6A/55W
PE-24V-240W-18AH-UL 18 1.5A/36W .75A/18W
PE-24V-240W-55AH-UL* 55 4.6A/110W 2.33A/56A
PE-24V-240W-100AH-UL* 100 5A/120W 4.6A/110W
PE-48V-480W-18AH-UL* 18 1.5A/72W .75A/36W
PE-48V-480W-55AH-UL* 55 4A/192W 2.33A/112W
PE-48V-480W-100AH 100 8.5A/392W 4.6A/221W
PE-110V-100W-100AH/24V 100 N/A 96W

* Certified to UL 924 Standards
** Based on 100% duty cycle. Back-up time increase if intermittent duty cycle loads applied.

PE Series Battery Specifications for NFPA 1221 Standards

Model Battery Quantity Electrolyte Content
Electrolyte Content
PE-12V-120W-18AH-UL*  ES17-12S 1 1.9 03
PE-12V-120W-55AH-UL* XP12-210FR 1 7.6 0.8
PE-12V-120W-100AH-UL* PYL12V100FS 1 22.8 1.6
PE-24V-240W-18AH-UL* ES17-12S 2 3.9 0.6
PE-24V-240W-55AH-UL* XP12-210FR 2 15.2 1.6
PE-24V-240W-100AH-UL* PYL12V100FS 2 45.7 3.2
PE-48V-480W-18AH-UL* ES17-12S 4 7.7 1.3
PE-48V-480W-55AH-UL* XP12-210FR 4 30.5 3.2
PE-48V-480W-100AH PYL12V100FS 4 91.3 6.3
PE-110V-100W-100AH/24V PYL12V100FS 2 91.3 6.3

* Certified to UL 924 Standards

Public Safety DAS Power PE Series Enclosure Manual Library

Each unit below is represented in the product matrix above. The systems are defined with call-outs of the major features including the BDS-DIN-UP DIN DC UPS Sytem, system input breakers, battery breakers, alarms and batteries.

Non-UL PE Series Enclosures

ModelDC VoltageDC UPS Power WattsBattery A/H Capacity**Enclosure Case SizeSystem Weight (Lbs.)Shipping Weight (Lbs.)
PE-12V-120W-18AH12V DC1818A4989
PE-12V-120W-55AH12V DC5555A75115
PE-12V-120W-100AH12V DC60100A111151
PE-24V-240W-18AH24V DC3618A63103
PE-24V-240W-55AH24V DC11055A114154
PE-24V-240W-100AH24V DC120100A186226
PE-48V-480W-18AH48V DC7218A90130
PE-48V-480W-55AH48V DC20055A190230
PE-48V-480W-100AH48V DC480100B371411
PE-110V-100W-100AH/24V110V AC96100A191231