Mobile DC UPS

Start Guard™ | NavPac™



Provides Voltage Protection During Engine Start

The abrupt DC system voltage drop that accompanies engine starting can cause microprocessor-based voice and data transmitters to “dump” programmed memory.

StartGuard solves this problem by providing supplemental voltage to sensitive electronics while the engine is cranked. It contains a sealed rechargeable battery which is switched on-line to electronics when the starter switch or solenoid is engaged. When the engine is running StartGuard automatically goes off-line and the internal battery is recharged by the alternator.





Input Voltage: 13.8 – 14.8 VDC nominal, 15.5 VDC max.
Relay Activation Input Voltage: 7-15 VDC
Output: 20 amps max.
Battery: 12 VDC, sealed rechargeable, 5-7 year life (typical) 5 amp-hour capacity, Certified by DOT and IATA for shipment by air.
Back-up Capacity (Fully Charged): (See matrix)




Model Input Back-Up Capacity Dimensions Weight
1 Minute 2 Minutes Inches Centimeters Lbs Kg
NS-12-20 13.8-14.8 VDC Nominal,15.5 VDC Max 20 amps 18 amps H W D H W D 5.5 2.5
8.25 4.9 3.5 20.1 12.5 8.9



Now Available In 24 Volt   Mobile communication electronics such as programmable two-way radio and data transceivers, vehicle location systems and other microprocessor-controlled devices require clean and steady DC input power. Their sensitive circuitry is highly vulnerable to voltage drop from engine start, noise and line spikes from alternators and motors, and conducted noise from various other electronic devices. NAV-PAC prevents all of these problems and is in use by thousands of Emergency Vehicles nationwide.

  • Prevents voltage “drop-out” during   engine start
  • Absorbs line “spikes”
  • Filters out electrical interference
  • Provides supplemental voltage/battery   back-up for up to 15 min.
  • Remote monitor panel provided (12V unit only)

Model: NP-12, NP-24      U.S. PATENT #: 5172292
Output: 20 amps Max. @ 12 Volt; 15 amps Max. @ 24 Volt
Back-Up Power: 12 & 24 Volt Models
8 Amps for fifteen (15) minutes
12 Amps for eight (8) minutes
18 Amps for two (2) minutes
20 Amps for one (1) minute

Battery: Sealed Rechargeable 5.0 Amp-Hour, 5-7 years typical life, can be replaced. Low-voltage disconnect circuit protects battery from total discharge. Certified by DOT and IATA for shipment by air.
Noise Filtering: Audio through 200 MHZ
Voltage Spike Protection: Transient energy capability; 100 Joules, 4,000 amps Max (8 x 20 micro seconds)



Model Input Back-Up Capacity Dimensions Weight
1 Minute 2 Minutes Inches Centimeters Lbs Kg.
NP-12 13.8-14.8 VDC Nominal,
15.5 VDC Max.
20 amps 15 amps H W D H W D 5.9 2.7
5.25 6.2 7.2 13.3 15.7 18.8
NP-24 27.6-29.6 VDC Nominal,
31.0 VDC Max
20 amps 15 amps 6 7.75 7.5 15.24 17.14 19 8 3.6

Panel Dimensions: 3.5” W x 2” H (8.9 x 5.1 cm)