Battery_StringBattery Strings

Communication and wireless network power systems typically require back-up power capacity at 8-10 hour rates or more. It’s important that reserve battery systems in stand-by applications are sized properly and utilize high quality cells resulting in a long design life. Many factors must be considered when specifying and selecting the proper batteries for these applications, including peak and average loads, current, run time, ambient temperature, battery chemistry type, type, energy density, and desired re-charge interval.

Newmar can assist you in specifying your battery strings and supply the proper system for your application. Once we determine your needs, we can have the batteries delivered directly to your site, as part of a complete rackmount power system, a battery rack, or just the batteries themselves. Please contact us and we’ll do the analysis for you and recommend a cost effective, reliable turnkey system.

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Download a Telecom Battery PDF Data Sheet