Table Top Mount and Bench Mount, 12V DC, 5 amps with 7 Amp Hours (AH) and 14 Amp Hour (AH) Battery Back-up, Power-Pac Series by Newmar Powering the Network

Power-Pac Power Supplies

Power Supply With Built-in Battery Back-up

Designed for critical base stations and repeater sites that must remain “on-line”, even in the event of AC power failure or brown-out which would disable conventional power supplies. The Power-Pac offers peace of mind for the system designer or base station operator This unique power supply assures that a base station can remain up and running to power communications when it is often needed most - during a power outage.

The Power-Pac’s highly regulated, low ripple 10 amp output powers radios and other sensitive communications equipment without causing RF or audio interference. At the same time it float charges one or two (depending on model) built in 7 amp/hour back-up batteries. These are kept at peak charge during the normal functioning of the unit when AC is being supplied. In the event of a loss of AC power, the internal batteries automatically take over to power communication equipment, providing a true uninterruptible DC source.

Model Battery Capacity Weight
lbs. kg.
Power-Pac 7A/H 7 amp/hour 18 8.2
Power-Pac 14A/H 14 amp/hour 24 10.9

Operating On Battery Back Up

With 7 amp/hour battery installed, unit provides approximately the following power.*7 amps for 40 min.
10 amps for 20 min.
15 amps for 10 min.
20 amps for 4 min.

With 14 amp/hour battery installed, unit provides approximately the following power.
7 amps for 100 min.
10 amps for 60 min.
15 amps for 30 min.
20 amps for 15 min
* Assuming battery at full charge when a.c. power failed.

The Power-Pac 7 A/H (single battery model) can power a 25 watt transceiver for up to 3 hours, based on a 20% transmit/receive duty cycle. Power-Pac 14 A/H can provide the same service for up to 6 hours. Provision is made for expanding back-up power up to twelve hours (in this example - longer under lesser loads), with the installation of additional externally wired batteries (total 28 amp/hours max.). Batteries are automatically recharged when AC is restored

The operator is kept informed of all important functions such as AC input, DC output and battery status with front panel indicator lights and a low battery warning buzzer.


Power-Pac 7 A/H (with 7 amp/hour battery)
Power-Pac 14 A/H (with 14 amp/hour battery)


  • Highly regulated, low ripple, noise-free 12 volt output
  • Built-in, “on-line” stand-by battery provides immediate back-up power in case of AC power loss
  • Internal mounting space and terminals for conversion of 7 A/H model into 14 A/H model
  • Output “Normal” indicator L.E.D.
  • “Back-up power only” warning light
  • Audible and visual low battery (10.7 VDC) voltage indicators
  • Low battery warning buzzer mute switch
  • Automatic low battery (10.3 VDC) voltage disconnect
  • Low voltage disconnect override button
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Current limit protection
  • Input/output fused
  • Separate output terminals provided for charging external batteries
  • 115/230 50-60 Hz input, selected by slide switch on rear panel

General Specifications

Input: 115/230 VAC, 50-60 Hz.
Output: 13.6 VDC @ 5A cont., 10A Int.
Regulation: 1% line and load
Ripple: 1% P-P

Operating Temp: 0-40° C


  • AC Input fuse
  • Internal & External Battery fuses
  • Over Voltage
  • Current Limit
  • Automatic Thermal Shutdown
  • Low Battery Disconnect

For Power Supplies with larger back-up battery requirements, 24 or 48 volt output and higher continuous ratings, see our IPS Integrated Power System

Mechanical Details

  • Vinyl Laminated aluminum case
  • 6’ standard AC power cord
  • Ac input selector switch

Case Size

Inches Centimeters
5.3 9.0 10.5 13.3 22.9 26.7


Model Lbs. Kg.
7AH 18 8.2
14 AH 24 10.9

Battery Details

  • Sealed Lead Acid, Deep-cycle.
  • Certified by DOT and IATA for shipment by Air
  • Weight per 7 AH Battery; 6 lbs.
  • Size: 6” x 3.75” x 2.5”


  • Form C AC Failure Contacts (Contact factory for details)
  • Extra batteries, sold separately 7 A/H increments; each Power Pac will accommodate 28 A/H max. (14 internal, 14 external)