Thru-Dex Waterproof Junction Boxes

 PX Series


  • Waterproof junction box with terminal strip for electronic connections in areas subject to spray, washdowns, etc.
  • Rugged, non-corrosive polypropylene housing
  • “Universal” cut-to-fit cable entries, diameter range: .14 -.81”
  • Brass compression screw terminals
  • Wire gauge: 16 AWG


Model Terminals
PX-1 6 pair
PX-2 12 pair
PX-3 18 pair

 BX Series


  • Splash proof junction box with terminal strip
  • Rugged cast aluminum box and cover with enamel finish
  • Multiple rubber grommet cable entries
  • Brass compression screw terminals


Model Terminals Wire Gauge
BX-1 6 pair 16 AWG
BX-2 12 pair 16 AWG
BX-3 22 pair 14 AWG

 EX Series Electrical Enclosures


These polycarbonate enclosures provide functional and professional protection for wire connectors, terminal blocks, relays, solenoids, fuses, etc. In addition, instruments, switches and panels can be surface mounted to the cover, as there is ample space for rear projection and wiring.

The watertight enclosures have gasketed covers with captured non-corrosive securing screws and an internal base plate with stand-off mounts for securing components inside the enclosure.


Model Size L x W x D (inches) Knock-Outs (size cross-reference below)
EX-373 7.09 x 3.7 x 3.19 14 ea. PG-16
EX-474 7.09 x 4.33 x 4.37 16 ea. PG-16, 4 ea. PG-21, 2 ea. PG-29
EX-1074 7.09 x 10.0 x 4.37 24 ea. PG-16, 8 ea. PG-21, 4 ea. PG-29

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