Rack Mount Battery Module and Shelf for Battery Back-Up for Telecom, Public Safety, Industrial Applications, 48V DC, 4 amp hour image by Newmar Powering the Network

Battery Shelf and Module System

The BM Series Battery Module provides sealed, maintenance-free batteries in an easy to install rackmount shelf. Multiple modules may be paralleled for increased capacity.

Installing system back-up batteries or increasing current capacity has never been easier. The BM Series Battery Module, provides the complete solution in one low profile 2RU (3.75”) chassis. No need for sourcing and installing battery trays, interconnect cable, terminals, lugs, battery breaker, etc. The BM provides it all in one package – sealed, maintenance-free batteries included – with easy input/output plug-in connectors on the chassis rear. Multiple modules may be paralleled for increased capacity.

The system comprises a rackmount Battery Shelf and one or two 48 VDC Battery Modules. The shelf and modules are sold separately.

The battery modules slide easily into the shelf and are secured in place with a rear retaining pin and a front panel latch. Plug-in connector assemblies provided for quick connection to system load and/or paralleling multiple Battery Modules to meet run time requirements.


  • Battery Modules slide easily into shelf and plug quickly into DC power systems; shelf accommodates 2 Modules
  • Modules and shelf fit together in low profile design – only 2RU (3.5”)
  • Internal batteries are sealed, maintenance-free and are IATA and DOT certified for shipment by air
  • Plug-in polarized connector assemblies enable quick, easy, plug-and-play installation and eliminate the  danger of reverse polarity connections
  • Multiple BM/BMS systems may be paralleled for increased reserve capacity
  • 19” and 23” rack mounting brackets are provided for 6” forward mount configuration (3” relay rack rail required.) Additional brackets are available for cabinet mount, or table- top/under shelf/wall mount of individual modules without shelf assembly
  • Battery on-line/off-line circuit breaker/switch controls output and provides overload protection


  • Mounting brackets provided with battery shelf adapt for both 19” and 23” racks, 6” forward mount configuration
  • Flush (cabinet) shelf mounting and “universal” mounting of individual modules are also available as  installation options


Model Voltage Reserve
Circuit Breaker
Nominal VDC Float VDC
BM-48-4 48 54.4 4 Amp-Hour 15 amp

BMS-19/23: Rackmount shelf accommodates 1 or 2 Battery Modules
Over-Current Protection: Circuit Breaker/ Switch (see matrix for value)
Output Connector Rating: 50 amps maximum
Temperature Rating: -15° C to +50° C
Battery Type: Lead-Acid; Sealed, maintence-free Agm. IATA and Dot certified for shipment by air.
Typical Battery Life: 3-5 years in standby use Internal Battery

Constant Current Performance (Amps) to 1.75 VPC
Model 5 MIN. 15 MIN. 30 MIN. 1 HR. 2 HRS.
BM 48-4 15.0 8.0 5.0 3.0 2.0

Case Size

Model Inches Centimeters Weight
H W D H W D Lbs Kg
Battery Module 3.4 7.4 18.8 8.6 18.8 47.8 20 9
Battery Shelf 3.5 19/23 18.2 8.9 48.3/58.4 46.2 5 2.3