Site Power Monitor Reduces Copper Theft

Site Power Monitor Reduces Copper Theft

Newmar Site Power Monitor SPM-200 Applications
Going wireless is generally a good thing, except when it’s a result of thieves breaking into your remote site and stealing the copper and fiber cables.

This frequently occurring scenario happened to a gas pipeline operator who was experiencing a rash of wire loss at their remote pumping/monitor stations, rendering the site useless, causing extended down time and high expense to repair the system. They had already successfully deployed the Site Power Monitor (SPM-200) to report site power and other conditions via Ethernet, and thought they would have a chance to catch the thieves if they could use the SPM-200 to send an early warning signal that the site was being pillaged. The solution involved configuring the
SPM-200 auxiliary input contacts to connect to a form C sensor on the hut’s door which reported a door open alarm which was programmed through the SPM-200 to send an e-mail notification to the sheriff in the area.

After adding this configuration to the SPM-200, results were almost immediate, reported door open alams came from several locations, and sheriffs were able to catch the thieves in
the act.

The SPM-200 provides web based monitoring of multiple conditions: AC voltage (both mains and back-up), DC voltage, current, temperature, and as in the example above, inputs can be programmed for multiple sensors such as door open alarms, water leak detector, and IP cameras.

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