DC UPS & Power Control


Newmar Powering the Mobile Network with the StartGuard protects against engine start


The abrupt DC system voltage drop that accompanies engine starting can cause micro-processor based voice and data transmitters to “dump” programmed memory.

StartGuard solves this problem by providing supplemental voltage to sensitive electronics while the engine is cranked. It contains a sealed rechargeable battery which is switched on-line to electronics when sensing the starter switch or solenoid is engaged. When the engine is running, the StartGuard automatically goes off-line and the internal battery is recharged by the alternator.

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NAV-PAC contains an internal 5 ah battery and noise suppression circuitry which provides a clean and stable source of DC power to vehicle transceivers, data terminals, fare boxes and navigation systems. Mobile electronics are highly vulnerable to shut down / reboot / data corruption caused by power drop out during engine start, and low voltage from over worked batteries. RF Interference generated by alternators and motors also impedes proper operation. Nav-Pac addresses all these power issues and has proven very effective in ensuring proper operation of electronics in public safety vehicles, commercial fleets, and buses.

NP -12     12V, 20 amps, 15 minutes battery back- up
NP-24       24V, 15 amps, 15 minute battery back-up

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Newmar Powering the Network DIN Rail Mounted DC UPS, 12V DC, 24V DC and 48V, 5 - 35 Amps

12, 24 & 48 Volt DIN Rail UPS

Powers Loads, Charges and Monitors Back-Up Battery, Ideal for Wireless System Transmitter/Enclosure Applications

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Newmar Powering the Network with DC Stabilizing DC-DC Converters, 12V DC, 24V DC, and 48V DC, 3 - 35 amps helps stabilize DC current for critical electronics

DC Power Stabilizers

Feed sensitive electronics with proper voltage regardless of battery condition. These stabilizing converters provide continuous, precisely regulated output over the entire range of a battery’s usable voltage. This prevents subjecting loads to fluctuating input voltage which can cause shutdown, diminish performance and possibly damage sensitive circuitry.

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Newmar Powering the Network Noise Filters for mobile DC Power applications

Noise Filters

The interference or electronic “noise” generated by alternators, ignition systems, motors, etc., can render a vehicle’s radio, data receivers or other electronic equipment making them virtually useless. This interference takes the form of popping or static on radios or audio gear and garbled images or “hash” on video displays.

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Newmar Powering the Network Automatic Power Selector, 12V, 24V and 48V DC, 70 - 160 amps

Automatic Power Selector

The Automatic Power Selector (APS) is a solid state device which enables installation of a seamless, redundant power system for critical electronic loads. It selects the higher voltage of two isolated DC power sources and routes power to the load. Should one source falter or fail, the other will automatically supply the load with no transfer delay, operation continues uninterrupted.

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Mobile DC Power Timer modoel, TMR-30A, 12V DC, 30 amps by Newmar Powering the Network


TMR 30A Timer

Eliminate dead vehicle batteries caused by power drain from radios and data terminals that must operate while the engine is off. Allows use of accessory loads per programmed time limit while preserving battery for engine start.

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Newmar Powering the Network Battery Integrators for 12V and 24V DC battery bank management

Battery Integrators

Charging multiple battery banks without use of diode isolators dictates that the batteries be connected or “integrated” only whenever a charge voltage is present so that they may be charged simultaneously, then disconnected or “isolated” when in use to allow for selective discharge and avoid having the secondary or standby battery drain into the primary battery.

Battery Integrators perform this function automatically, acting as a “smart” switch to connect independent battery banks only when a charging voltage is present. Otherwise, they are isolated, and discharge between banks is prevented.

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Newmar Powering the Network Battery Isolators for 12V, 24V and 48V DC battery bank management

Battery Isolators

Heavy duty isolators allow charging multiple batteries automatically from one or two alternators and prevent discharge from one battery bank to another. Each battery is charged according to need without overcharging. Rated for 12-48 volt negative ground systems

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