Communication Accessories



Speakers/Antenna Switches

  • Indoor/Outdoor Paging Speakers
  • Antenna/Coax Switches
  • Microphone Clips

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The Phone-Com intercom system provides direct, wired, point-to-point communication. Voice contact to any phone in the system is as easy as lifting the receiver and pressing the call button. Phone-Com operates on 12 VDC. They are constructed of high-impact plastic and are available in either bright white or traditional black. Wall mounting bracket is provided. Two versions are available:

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AQ Series Waterproof Radio Covers

Hand-held radios can be taken anywhere without being damaged by water, dust or sand when the AQ Series waterproof cover is used for protection. Even total immersion will not harm the radio. These covers are certified waterproof to a depth of 33 feet.

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