Phase Three Modular
Battery Chargers

Charger Modules "Plug-and-Play" Providing Fexibility, Reliability & Servicebility in a Wall Mount Case

Phase Three Modular (PTM) Concept

With the expansion of communication networks to remote sites and mobile applications where 12 and 24 volt redundant power is essential for high reliability, there is increasing demand for DC power systems in wall mount configuration. The Phase Three Modular (PTM) system was specifically designed for this purpose and provides rack mount power redundancy features in a wall mount unit and gives installers a convenient and professional solution for this growing area of network power.

Recognizing that all equipment has a finite service life and random component failure can occur at any time, system reliability can be improved by reducing the number of single points of failure, thus diminishing the impact of a solitary fault on the overall system. The PTM series applies the “fault-tolerant” concept to battery chargers, by using multiple independent charger modules within the unit.

The PTM consists of a case which serves as connection point to AC input and battery bank output, as well as three front-facing power bays, each accommodating a 550 watt charger module which slides and locks in place. If a module fault occurs, a front panel indicator is activated and the system continues operating on the remaining modules.

Communication system managers will appreciate this system approach to reliability. A dead charger and dead batteries can disable a network, but with the PTM redundant charging system a fault in one of the modules is easily identified and it can be quickly replaced with an on-hand spare or an exchange unit from the factory, while the charging system continues to operate.

The system features three stage charging for rapid recharge and optimal battery life. See our Phase Three Page for a complete description of the three stage charging process.

Specifications: Phase Three Modular Battery Charger

System Model Modules Installed* Max Output Amps Max Input Amps @ 115/230 VAC
PTMS-24-67 3 67 @ 24 V 9 /18

General System Specifications

Input Voltage/Frequency:
90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, single phase; derate linearly from 100% output @ 105 VAC to 80% output @ 90 VAC
Power Factor: .96-.99
Efficiency: 85 % typical
Nominal Charge/Float Voltages: Refer to chart on Phase Three Page
Temperature Compensation (Option): - 5 mV per cell per °C (typical)
Temperature Rating: 0-60° C; derate linearly from 100% output @ 50° C to 80% output @ 60° C
Recommended Battery Type/Capacity: Gel-Cell, Flooded or Sealed Lead-Acid;
12 Volt Systems: 6 Cell, 80-400 A-H (per installed module); 240-1200 A-H (per system)
24 Volt Systems: 12 Cell, 40-200 A-H (per installed module); 120-600 A-H (per system)
Output Battery Banks: 3
Module Bays: 3*
Status Indicators: Output OK, Low Output Voltage, Check System/Module Fault, Battery Hot/Reduced Output, Total Output Current Bar Graph, Output Voltage Test Points
Alarm Contacts: Check System; Output OK/Fail
Case Material: Powder Coated Stainless Steel
Case Size: Refer to matrix below
Weight: Empty: 16 lbs/7.3 kg. - With three modules installed: 34 lbs/15.5 kg.
*Note: Charge modules are shipped in the same carton as the PTM case and are then placed in position by the installer.

 Individual Module Specifications

Models: PTM-24-22 (24 volt)
Protection Features: Input Fuse, Output Fuse, Current Limiting, Over Voltage Protection, Cooling Fan, Automatic Thermal Shutdown/Recovery
Compliances: CE Mark, UL Recognized; E183223, Level 3 Safety: EN60950-1 USA, Canada, Europe EMI Radiated and Conducted: FCC Part 15 Level A; EN55022 Class A
Status Indicators: Output OK (Green)/FAULT (Red)
Weight: 6 lbs.
PTM-24-22: 22.5 amps max in Bulk Phase; 20 amps max in Absorption/Float Phases

Case Size

Inches Centimeters
20.9 10.9 8.8 53.1 27.7 22.4



Temperature Compensation Sensor - Model TCS-12/24:
- 5 mV per cell per ˚C. Sensor supplied with 25' cable and plug-in connector