Site Power Monitor, model SPM-200, Remote Site Monitoring Of Critical DC Power Conditions by Newmar Powering the Network
Remote Site Monitoring:
SPM-200 Site Power Monitor

Remote Site Monitoring Of Critical DC Power Conditions

Sensor Data

  • DC Bus/Battery Voltage
  • DC System Amperage/Battery Charge-Discharge Current
  • AC Voltage
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Dry Contacts/Alarms


  • Programmable Alarms
  • Data Logging
  • Ethernet Camera

Reporting Via

  • SPM-200 Firmware Update - Click Here
  • Internet - Software Included
  • E-Mail
  • Cell Phone

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Web-enable and integrate intelligence to any site’s AC and DC power system for 24/7 monitoring, alarm condition notification, and data logging of vital electrical functions. All programmable, accessible, and managed via the Internet: TCIP or SNMP. View current conditions and log 30 day history of DC and AC power status at remote sites before dispatching personnel.

The Site Power Monitor is designed specifically for monitoring power supplies, rectifiers, batteries, converters, inverters, UPS, distribution panels, and AC power at communication sites, base stations, outdoor enclosures, and command vehicles via Ethernet or Wireless connection. The palm sized unit can be rack, DIN-rail, or wall mounted and is easily adapted to virtually any make of power system via nine sensor input ports which capture and stream critical data via the internet for analysis and logging of site history. Web page based programs are easily user configured for site parameters with up to 50 desired alarm conditions settings and multiple automatic notification options by e-mail, PDA, and mobile phone.

Sites without internet access can use the monitor solely as a data logger that captures and retains 30 days' data, ready for download to lap top for site history file and analysis of component performance and failure conditions.

Sensor Input Examples
9 Ports Available, See Complete List Below

Remote Site Power Monitor, 12V DC, 24V DC, and 48V DC, model SPM-200, Remote Site Monitoring Of Critical DC Power Conditions Input Examples by Newmar Powering the Network

Monitoring Options

Remote Site Power Monitor, model SPM-200, Monitoring Options by Newmar Powering the Network

Site Power Monitor
Model: SPM-200


Power Source Voltage: 9-60 negative ground, 250 mA max.
Monitor Inputs: 9 Total


DC: 3 Ports:

  • 2 each: +0-40V DC
  • 1 each: -36-60V DC
  • Accuracy: +/- 3%

AC: 2 Ports:

  • 115V AC ( 90-135) utility power (L-N or L-L)
  • Inverter output (floating)
  • Accuracy: +/-5%

DC Current: 1 Port

  • +/- 100mv, 100 amp differential shunt voltage
  • Read battery charge/discharge current, or load current
  • Optional Shunt required for monitor package: P/N 575-2000-0
  • Accuracy: +/-5%

Dry Contact Switch Sensors: 3 Ports

  • Possible uses: door open, water leak detection, smoke alarm, component fail, breaker trip, high temperature
    Temperature Sensor
  • Located outside case of unit
  • Range: 20 to +60° C, 4° to +140° F
  • Accuracy: +/-0.5° C


  • Ethernet Port connection: RJ-45, 10/100 autosense
  • HTTP - Web Access, Self-generated Web-page
  • SNMP - MIB with Gets, Traps, and Clears
  • Alarms - HIGH and LOW trip, 50 max, user-programmable
  • Logging - Excel logs created, time stamped, continuous graphing
  • SMTP/POP3 - email alerts, POP password
  • Data Formats: XML, PDA, WAP (cell phone)
  • Optional Console - Multiple Site Monitor with log aggregation and thumbnail camera views
  • Remote Firmware upgrades - no need to visit the site.
  • Local Data downloading and programming require and RJ-45 cross over cable (not included)

Data Screens:

  • Sensors
  • Alarm settings (customized web page)
  • Data logging
  • Camera feeds (4 max.)

Data logging: Remote Or Download Locally:

  • 30 days + rolling history with 30 second interval refresh
  • CSV file compatible

Images: Ethernet Camera Enabled


  • 50 user configurable all with separate high/low trip settings
  • Notification by Via Internet, e-mail or mobile phone
  • User-programmable notification to 5 different e-mails addresses


Front panel LED’s:

  • Input Power ON/OK
  • System OK
  • Flashing Activity Indicator Ethernet port
  • System reset button


  • Reverse Polarity
  • Input overvoltage
  • External 1A slo-blo fuse provided for DC power input


Case: Aluminum, powder coat
Size: 2.18” x 3.27” x 4.66”
Weight: 1 lb

Mounting options:

  • Wall mount
  • DIN-rail
  • 19 or 23 inch rack mount (via optional bracket)

Input Ports:

  • Compression Screw terminal block
  • 14-26 awg wire

Optional Accessories

  • Isolated DC Converter
    • For powering AND a -48 VDC source. Model: 48-12-1i
  • Rack mount panel for 19/23” racks (pictured below)


  • Operating Temperature range 20° C to 60° C

Warranty: 2 years


Remote Site Power Monitor, SPM-200 with optional rack mount panel for 19/23” racks